"All The Way In" by Kate Brown

Hailing from good 'ol southeast Iowa, Kate is a singer-songwriter who has been cranking out tunes since the late '90's. After the release of her last full length album 'Ghostman' in Kate toured clubs, coffee shops and living rooms from Seattle to New York before taking a break from playing live music to work as an actor, teacher and voice over artist in the Chicago area. After moving to Eugene, OR in 2012 Kate released the acoustic EP 'New Skin' and has been touring again, gaining fans from Seattle to Los Angeles. An energetic indie-folk performer full of guts and fun, Kate's catchy songs combine a raw autobiographical lyrical style with an intense pounding guitar sound. She is a truly engaging performer who brings a show that can capture the collective heart of any crowd.

Kate plans to release another full length album early next year.